The Joy of list making

I would consider myself functional, organized, and a moderate minimalist.

I enjoy experiences more than stuff, and I like creating things more than owning things. I am more of a journey kind of guy, than a very destination kind of guy.

I think that is why making lists so intrigues me. I can make lists of anything, it is sort like drawing, or reading a fantastic book. Making lists can carry you away to far off places, where your imagination reigns.  

If you are like me, a lot of times you want to explore a concept before you really commit. If you make a list and spend time organizing your thoughts, brainstorm and letting your imagination drive for a while you just might find it saves you money. You might get the wiggles out and realize your interest was more like a crush,soon to abandoned for the next hottest idea, without wasting to much time or money.


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