Thanks for stopping by.


Thanks for stopping by.

My blog is my just my random life. I like writing and exploring new topics. I enjoy learning new things and thought it would be cool to make a blog about it.


Let’s make a Trebuchet

Nothing more fun than making a homemade replicas of Middle Ages war machines. Similiar to the Catapult, the trebuchet was used to fire large stones into an enemies camp or at their castle walls.

Our Trebuchet is not anywhere near as large and is only made to be enjoyed. Never shoot it at anyone, and always operate with adult supervision. It took us a while to get ours to shoot forward, sometimes it will shoot back wards or to the sides, so keep your head up and on. Be safe and have fun.


First Credit where credit is due. I used the Trebuchet Directions from on Instructables.

They have good directions and good photos. Here is our rendition. Thank you so much !

Our Material list is similiar: We got all this from Home Depot, (Pro’s don’t do Lowes”


  • PVC Pipe, 1/2” diameter x 30” Long (x2)
  • PVC Pipe, 1/2” diameter x 17” Long (x4)
  • PVC Pipe, 1/2” diameter x 4” Long (x3)
  • PVC Pipe, 1/2” diameter x 3” Long (x4)
  • PVC Pipe, 1/2” diameter x 1.5” Long (x12)
  • PVC Pipe, 3/4” diameter x 17” Long
  • PVC Pipe, 3/4” diameter x 8” Long
  • PVC Pipe, 3/4” diameter x 6” Long
  • PVC Pipe, 3/4” diameter x 4.5” Long
  • PVC Pipe, 3/4” diameter x 1.5” Long
  • PVC Elbow, 1/2”, 45 degree, Female Unthreaded Socket Ends (x8)
  • PVC Tee, 1/2”, Female Unthreaded Socket Ends (x10)
  • PVC Tee, 3/4”, Female Unthreaded Socket Ends
  • PVC Cross, 3/4”, Female Unthreaded Socket Ends
  • PVC Adapter, 3/4”, Unthreaded & Female thread
  • PVC Adapter, 3/4”, Unthreaded & Male thread (x3)
  • PVC Cap, 1/2”, Female Unthreaded Socket End (x4)
  • PVC Cap, 3/4”, Female Unthreaded Socket End (x3)
  • PVC Glue/Cement
  • 1″ Wood Screw
  • Cardboard for the wood ramp
  • 5lb weight
  • Rope (30”)
  • Some Rocks from the yard



We went to home depot with our parts list, cut the longest items on the list using their pvc cutters from 10′ poles. We then work our way down the list in length so that we get the most out of each 10′ stick.


I know how challenging it is to not join in the fun, but the kids have way more fun and feel more proud of the project when they do the work themselves. Tip: let the kids put it together, but don’t glue it until you test it.


The boys could only get the connections so tight. I had to jump in and push the connections together. I also used a rubber mallet.


This part was a little tricky, There is a pretty important ratio that you need to get just right to get the optimum trajectory. I found this cool video with Adam Savage of Mythbusters explaining the relationship of the Swing Arm, The counter weight and Sling length. Fun to watch and informative.

IMG_20170401_171129IMG_20170401_171702IMG_20170401_172546IMG_20170401_172551IMG_20170415_133708It works! It was a lot of fun to build and the kids are having a great time setting it up and shooting it. Remember be safe and have fun!

Here we are shooting it.


The Joy of list making

I would consider myself functional, organized, and a moderate minimalist.

I enjoy experiences more than stuff, and I like creating things more than owning things. I am more of a journey kind of guy, than a very destination kind of guy.

I think that is why making lists so intrigues me. I can make lists of anything, it is sort like drawing, or reading a fantastic book. Making lists can carry you away to far off places, where your imagination reigns.  

If you are like me, a lot of times you want to explore a concept before you really commit. If you make a list and spend time organizing your thoughts, brainstorm and letting your imagination drive for a while you just might find it saves you money. You might get the wiggles out and realize your interest was more like a crush,soon to abandoned for the next hottest idea, without wasting to much time or money.